Great to be back !!!

just my observations as the world passes by!!

Well after covering at mylittlestation for a few  weeks I have gone “home” to paddock wood !!!…
How I have missed my partners in “crime” !!!
Our mischevious side is back…. poor tracy in the buffet now has two pots with plants outside the buffet. .. now tracy is not very green  fingered so we have started a sweeps stake on how long the plants will last.
Now I am confident they may last a while,  so we were thinking that they looked a bit boring so they needed decorating…….he he


Now we have called them bill and ben…!!! Tacky yes I know but we have made a start on the decoration much to the amusement of a senior member of staff. ..


Now yes I agree the yoshi was over the top but its all we had at the time !!!! But the flower complete with bee do look…

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Weird train girl is back !!!!!

Weird train girl is back !!!!!.

Weird train girl is back !!!!!

Weird train girl is back !!!!!.

a fun week…..!!

Well what a week we have had..!! lots of laughs and fun and games. Stuck a fake ticket on barbara’s car who it has to be said thought it was hilarious and even took it to show charles horton!!! Who equally found it as funny as we all did!!
Peter managed to find a scream mask from goodness knows where so we have had fun and games with that and i believe an email is circulating FBC with a picture of me in this blooming mask…soooo funny.
Still has been a fun week but back to normal next week and those in the know will understand what im on about…..
Im off to stratford for 3 days next week for this competancies workshops so that will be interesting and will get me out and about!! so until next time…..toodlepip !!!

I am settling in…..

Well have not updated for a while as i wanted to settle in and get to know the local characters…. and boy do we have some characters!!!

Ok here we go…

The commuters are a good bunch and one or two stand out..  number 1 tight clothes man who has the tightest shirts and trousers i have ever seen!! One false move and the shirt button will ping off and have your eye out … oh and how the heck does he sit down in those trousers???!!!

Having trouble thinking of another cos so many !!! …hang on one springs to mind…. goes through wearing his shirt and tie then you peek down and he’s got no socks and deck shoes on!!!!  Am i missing something do you think??

What a laugh we have in the office with the delightful kathy and peter who is a constant source of amusement and laughter!!

I call him my “little womble” as he is constantly wandering around picking up fag butts and rubbish and keeping the station spick and span.

The lady in the buffet is lovely and has been assisting me in collecting boxes for our house move……

Our mood has been dampened and those of you in the know will know what i’m on about ..but we are still gonna have a laugh and as a customer commented the other day..”is lovely to see you all laughing as it makes for a pleasant experience for us” ..need i say more…

so watch this space as i find more characters….. until next time !!

A good week!!

Well what can i say what a funny week!! Has been a pleasure again and had lots of laughs and am getting used to the characters and what can i say but the “medway valley line ” brigade!!

A lot of the regulars are getting used to seeing me now at the 2nd window and i would say 99% are lovely. But havent met the other 1% yet but that percentage may change!!  We have the lovely coffee shop staff who are fab and the paper shop guy who is lovely and we have the “medway valley line” individuals..but i hasten to add not all………who are lets just say hmmmmmmmmmm dont get me wrong they are polite enough but you get the impression the light is on but nobody is home!!

I have had the pleasure of working with our lovely kathy and peter this week also “d” and “mikeybaby” today!!  the mornings go so quickly now and i am loving it and it helps with the individuals i work with especially “peter” and “kathy”….

“Peter” i call my little womble as all he does is pick up fag ends and rubbish and keep the station spick and span he is a diamond.

I remember “kathy” from when i was a guard “20” odd years ago when she was on the platform at tonbridge and now i have the pleasure of working with her…. its not often you work at a station and the mentioned staff never have a cross word and help each other out and it is lovely

Now i haven’t had anyone sing to me this week but has been a good week and customers are getting used to me and chatting… but a little mischief had to be done today as i was working with “mikeybaby”!!! sorry kathy but was sooooo funny!!

Little old girl goes to the other window and pipes up ” oooh not seen you before who are you” ??

with that mike pipes up “kathy has gone to check in on her villa in the dominican republic to make sure her swimming pool is not overflowing”!!!!!

“ooh has she”?? reply’s the old dear wondered where she had been?!!!!!   what can i say i was out of control !!!

I am told he has been up to mischief at headcorn too telling them jane was on holiday in jamaica seeing her new boyfriend!!!!!!!


“mikeybaby” you truley are a legend and a joy to work with!!!!!!!

And peter the “magenta” tabard sets your eyes off and the “man” bag hangs well on the hips!!!!

so until next week my buddies……. watch this space!!!!!


First week done and dusted !

Right well that’s the first week done and dusted and what a giggle it has been.  I had a lovely man sing to me!! certainly never got that down at “mylittlestation” !!! really made my morning!!!!

Also had “p” constantly amusing us with his antics..i.e as he was cleaning the ticket office window he threw the wet cloth at the window and of course you do what anyone would do….”duck”!!! Nearly fell off the chair much to everyone’s amusement …lol  Must remember that ..hmmmm revenge may be

I have also managed to bugger up the ticket machine twice this week and wrecked a mouse!!!!  So you see kathy we just cant be trusted when you are not there!!

There would seem to be a wide and varied selection of characters, so i am sure i will have a few to choose from so watch this space..!!! 

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